Month: March 2017

Project update – Nea Kavala, 28th March



This week the weather has suddenly turned from spring to summer. Luckily our new Community Centre and improved Women’s Space are both insulated and we hope lessons and activities will continue to be cool enough throughout the summer to be well-attended. That’s certainly what’s been happening recently! Attendance to all classes are on the rise: children, mixed adults and

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Project update – Nea Kavala, 22nd March


Nea Kavala has been buzzing with excitement the last few days. There’s lots going on and it’s great to see people with fresh energy: refugees and volunteers alike. Many people have been stuck in Greece now for over a year, so

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Project update – Nea Kavala, 14th March


There have been many changes to Nea Kavala in the last couple of weeks, but one thing is a constant, We Are Here! Hundreds of people have left camp recently

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Project update – Serres, 9th March


Our pop-up learning cafe project supporting the Yazidi community – currently not actually in Serres but in temporary hotel accommodation on the coast – has grown in size and strength. Over the first few weeks of

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Project update – Nea Kavala, 5th March


In Nea Kavala, our team has been working hard amidst more changing circumstances during the past few weeks. Firstly, we are happy to announce that

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