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Project update 19th January


We Are Still here but what have we been up to ?

In Nea Kavala, having had our space taken away from us has definitely been an endurance test for the project, particularly during darker days and

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We Are Still Here…


Thank you, thank you and thank you to all the many, many people who have shared our page, been in touch with us and made donations already to our fundraising page to help us begin the rebuild. The response of solidarity has been

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A fire at the centre..



In the early hours of the morning the We Are Here! community centre was burned to the ground.

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Project update, 12th November 2016


It has been quite a long, busy time since we last posted a We Are Here update.

For our project, we are continuing to grow and adapt all the time, through trial and error and practise, and to improve and offer new things thanks to

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Project update 26 august 2016

At Serres, the new Yazidi camp, We Are Here now have accessand this week some of our team has been there to start work on building up our activities. On Sunday we had our first community centre team meeting with some old friends, and on Wednesday we ran two workshops with the adults: one with the

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