help from home

Not everybody has the possibility to leave and come out to volunteer in Greece. Fortunately, there are so, so many other ways you can help. You can share your time, your money, your voice, your skills and your networks to support our project and the refugees blocked in Greece.

Sharing our website, facebook posts or fundraising page on social media. Writing your own posts. Supporting someone you know who would like to come out and volunteer but who may lack the funds. Sharing information, documents and material with us that would be useful for our project. Putting us in touch with useful contacts. Using your contacts to collect needed resources.

Please also consider running a small-scale fundraiser for us! As a grassroots project, we rely heavily on the fundraising of individuals, and can also make a little go a long way. Over the past year, we have had people raise money for us with book and clothing swaps, short presentations at work or in schools, food events like a crepe stand at a village fair and ‘bocadillo solidario’ at a secondary school, a personal crowdfunding campaign, educational resources collections, and more..!

Join the group of people who help our project remotely in different ways. It has been incredible to witness how our community centre project in a refugee camp in Greece has encouraged other communities across the world to come together for solidarity to help support us – you can too!