Project Update – 11th June 2018

We’re happy to be a bigger team at the moment and have some extra manpower to do some of those odd jobs we never get round to doing with a full schedule. It’s already extremely hot here in Northern Greece, and we want to get them out of the way before it gets any hotter! It’s Ramadan at the moment, and by fasting during the day, many people in Nea Kavala have little energy to spend on our activities and lessons, so attendance is low. We’ve been working on an updated version of our adults, women’s and children’s schedules in nine languages, colour-coded and complete with emojis for clarity. And with lots of new people in the camp keen to take advantage of what We Are Here offer, we expect a busy next few months.

The Women’s Space has become very popular, especially with lots of the newest women in camp. Our sewing sessions are going well, allowing women to mend and make clothing in the Space. We’ve had some great donations of beauty products and handicrafts supplies, providing materials for plenty of arts and beauty sessions, including jewellery making and henna. The English lessons are very important to these new women who have recently arrived in Europe and need to be able to communicate as soon as possible. It’s great to be able to provide a space where they can meet with friends, learn, have fun and feel safe together, removed from the uncertainty of their lives in the camp.

As many of the population are ‘unregistered’ in the camp and were not moved to Nea Kavala officially, they have access to less services: most importantly they aren’t entitled to cash, as the registered population is. It’s not a lot of money per person, but budgeted well, it’s enough to buy food and a few other basics to live on. We cannot expect all of the unregistered population to have lots of savings to buy food for themselves, and this primary need is not being met for around two hundred people in camp. If the authorities continue to ignore people’s basic need for food, things will become desperate. A Drop in the Ocean and Arsis who work on-site have reacted to the situation the best they can, but both being low on resources, together there is still not enough food to survive on. Consistency is key here, and they cannot suddenly provide lots of food for some people in camp without knowing if they have the funds to do so until the situation changes for the better. If you can, please support these organisations who can continue to provide some food to those who may otherwise have none:

We Are Here continues the best we can despite the desperation evidently growing in the camp. We hope to join communities to support each other where they can, as well as provide some relief from the stresses of everyday life. Giving people structure, a role, progress, joy, an outlet, as well as practical skills, hopefully improves people’s lives. We Are Here with them in solidarity.


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