Project update – Nea Kavala, 11th September


Over the last couple of weeks, We Are Here has hosted some nice community events at the camp. Together with Drop in the Ocean, we celebrated Eid al-Adhar in Nea Kavala. In national or bigger ethnic groups, people cooked traditional foods normally eaten at this time. The event was a success with everyone enjoying food from all over the world and learning about different cultures. We entertained children with special games, and of course there was lots of music and traditional dancing.

Following a huge peace and anti-Islamophobia rally in Barcelona, we held our own peace protest at the We Are Here Community Centre. Many of the camp residents have had direct contact with war, and have fled to Europe to escape this. We made posters declaring our views in many languages and had a peaceful party.

Our new children´s activities are going very well and the children are responding well to having more structure to their day. As we gain experience with new techniques, ideas and games, we are creating not only a safe space for children to come together and have fun, but a real learning environment. They are very proud of the small steps forward they are making, and of course, so are we. The kids are impatient to start their classes and help us set up the classroom beforehand, and also clear up with us at the end.

The long Greek summer holidays are over, and the children should start back at the local schools soon. They are looking forward to even more education, and we will work around the school schedule to continue to fill the gaps in children´s activities as much as possible.

In the meantime, our children´s and adults lessons and activities continue as normal. Although there are many variables outwith their control which are constantly changing, We Are Here hopes to be a regular in many of the refugees´ lives, providing support through learning together and community events.

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