Project update – Nea Kavala, 13th July 2017


This week in Nea Kavala has been very busy with our usual workload of classes and activities, as well as some new English activities we are offering to our many eager beaver English students! Alongside our four levels of English classes five days a week, we now also have a Reading Group and Conversation Class on those days too. The classes have become very popular and well-attended, thanks to a lot of outreach to make new people aware of the Centre and what we offer. Increasing Conversation to five days a week also helps to save confusion and create more regularity. Great work English teaching team!

The camp is still in constant change with new people arriving from the islands every week, as well as people leaving for Thessaloniki apartments every week. The families are generally first priority for outside accommodation so the camp has slowly changed from a ratio of 50:50 children to adults, to currently 25:75. For this reason, we are concentrating more on adults than children, especially with Save The Children on site five days a week.

However, since the long Greek school holidays started, we have many bored children in the Centre every day. Some of our more creative children began using their time to build houses, cars etc from discarded cardboard boxes which we greatly encouraged! We love the children’s creativity, and it’s a nice way to build self-confidence and integrate together on the bigger projects. This crafting time has grown naturally to an almost daily occurrence in our Domo tent, where the older kids help the younger kids, and all enjoy using the fun materials to express themselves. We try to be flexible to people’s needs, and love how our new Craft Zone has developed because of what they enjoy.

Still our Satartdays are well-attended for special art projects! This week the older children created bubble art which was very exciting for all! First, we added food colouring to bubble mixture and blew colourful bubbles onto thick paper. In the second stage, we blew into the bubble mixture with a straw so we had lots of bubbles together, and pressed the paper onto them till they popped. Not only was this a super fun activity, but the children were very proud of their artwork too. The Pre 5s were busy with a simpler task, creating fish puppets, but were naturally very interested in the bubbles too, so we made sure they all got some bubble action too.

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