Project update – Nea Kavala, 13th June 2017


This week has been busy as ever with our usual lessons and activities, as well as a few special events and new workshops.

We are very happy to announce Paramythades are back! The Spanish theatre group came last year to Nea Kavala, and ran a huge programme of theatre, yoga, dance and music in the camp, and in so doing set up our camp theatre group, Escosirak. Back in Spain, they created another piece about some of the people in the camp, performing Kalimat (Words) in collaboration with the National Theatre of Catalonia.

Now they are working with new members of the camp theatre group, as well as the local Greek theatre group, with the aim of combining the two groups to perform together in Polykastro, the local town, at the end of the project. We are looking forward to seeing the results and are grateful to Paramythades for spreading the word about refugees in Nea Kavala to the wider Spanish public.

On Sunday, our Women´s Space team, with extra support from Paramythades, hosted a special brunch, to invite new women to come to the Space. They previously delivered beautiful invitations to get word out, and the result was fantastic! The Space has rarely been so full of women, and there is nothing like sharing food to get people involved. It was great to see such a multi-cultural group bonding together over cooking and the brunch ended with quickly clearing away the food and plates to dance traditional dances in celebration of the day! With cooking and food as such universal topics, the Women´s Space hopes to start a recipe book, to share food culture among the women. Hopefully more on this soon!

This Satartday, we created Under The Sea pictures using leaves. We love to encourage the idea that art can be created from anything, and the kids respond well to upcycling and unconventional art materials. On the other hand, the children remind us that using food like potato stamps or pasta is wasteful. We are lucky to have them to keep us in check! This week with the pre 5s, we did scratch art: we prepared a large sheet of card covered with multi-coloured oil pastels, and painted over it in black. They then had the task of scratching the paint off with a lolly stick to show the hidden colours. Everyone was very pleased with the resulting piece of artwork, and some of the older children seemed interested in doing something similar, perhaps with more patterns another time.

Our library remains popular, and we are pleased to have a few Matildas who read a novel a day. Unfortunately, we still don´t have much reading material in our new camp languages: Farsi, Urdu, Tigrigna, Amharic, Nepali, Somali…reading books in your own language can be such a great form of escapism from the situation: please get in touch with We Are Here if you can send us books in any of these languages.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your continued support


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