Project update – Nea Kavala, 24th July 2017


We Are Here has had a busy couple of weeks, and is happy to offer more activities. As a Community Centre, we are always trying to involve people from different countries, different belief groups, different ages, different genders in our activities to create a camp community together. Simply offering classes to all adults or children in the camp does bring people together, but some recent additions to the timetable help this further.

Saturday evenings are music evenings, where we provide a speaker, a microphone and a space for self-expression through singing and dancing. Music is a great tool to unite, and many people enjoy sharing their home culture with traditional dances and songs. It is also an opportunity to perform more formally, and this week two of our young music students performed on the penny whistle in front of family and friends. The performance created motivation to practise and be proud of small achievements, as well as showcasing their skills to new music students. There are many hidden talents in the camp we hope to see more of in the future.

Another new addition is Youth Club, a weekly gathering just for teenagers. In our domo tent they can hang out, chat, create music and art, and we will tailor Youth Club to the needs of the group. There are not many teenagers in the camp at the moment, and we hope to bring them together by working on small projects every week. The last two weeks we were making the space our own by creating a beautiful rainbow mandala. The group is also very handy for construction Sundays, and enjoy feeling useful and showing us their skills. Thank you to our ever-useful teenage helpers!

In other news, the Women’s Space is getting a makeover! There is now a strong and solid wooden roof on the Women’s Space thanks to the Get Sh*t Done team. Another addition is a big fridge-freezer, thanks to a private donation. In this Greek summer heat, keeping drinking water cool is impossible, but the fridge is especially useful for the weekly Women’s Space Sunday Brunch. This event is always popular, but of course will be even more enjoyable with cold things cold, and hot things hot! We are slowly improving the outside of the space, with a newly covered shaded area, and a brightly decorated gate. We look forward to a more beautiful shaded area for women soon!

And finally, this Satartday was a favourite among the older kids. In pairs or threes, we used Hama beads and boards to personally design shapes of unicorns, love hearts and people. Concentrating on the tiny beads for two hours could have been challenging for the children but they rose to the occasion to create beautiful artwork to take home with them.

Thank you as always for your support

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