Project update – Nea Kavala, 28th September


Hello and welcome to another update from We Are Here! Our adults, children’s and women’s activities and lessons in Nea Kavala continue to run smoothly with our new team of volunteers. With many new skill sets in the group, we’re happy to have new additions in the timetable, including women’s choir and self-study time in the library.

Our children’s lessons are going well! We think of them as preparing the children for the formal education of local Greek schools, which they will hopefully be attending soon. We have offered children’s activities, alongside our adults classes for months now, but dedicating extra slots for kid’s lessons has been very successful. With our new attendance sticker system, and behaviour policy, the children are calming down in the classroom, and are enjoying learning. One young girl loves practicing English so much, she’s taken to borrowing books from the library and copying them out word for word in her notebook: starting with the copyright details! Many take extra worksheets home to do in their container, and show off their new knowledge and colour-coded stickers to their parents.

The Women’s Space’s fortnightly Supper Club is a big hit! Every two weeks, women gather together with others from their country to cook a traditional dish for all the women in the Space. Last week was Afghani dumplings, we’ve also had Pakistani chicken biryani and some incredible Arabic food too. The women always enjoy sharing their food culture with others, and of course everyone enjoys the eating!

To encourage the women to spend this time together without their children, we’ve arranged our film screenings so the children’s film coincides with Supper Club. A Mr Bean film this week was possibly the most popular cinema night yet! Enjoying leisure activities such as films or dancing with the camp residents has an added bonus of community-building, as well as being fun for all! Our Saturday night music and dance party can be something to look forward to, an event to meet new friends and old, to get dressed up for, to learn new dances, laugh, sing, perform, and remember your home country and its music.


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