Project update – Nea Kavala, 4th April


This week we’ve had two days of arrivals to the camp: very slowly starting to fill up. Nea Kavala is currently at about half capacity for services available, but we suspect possible expansion some  time in the future.

It’s great to welcome new faces to the camp and see people getting involved in lessons and community activities. Of course, it’s difficult with so much upheaval to create a regular schedule when classes have new beginners every week but we do our best! It looks like the next few months will continue in this way, just as well we like a challenge!

With this in mind, and the huge mix of cultures in the camp, we hope to focus more on integration and community development. While children are often a first priority in these situations, they have activities and lessons on camp, as well as local Greek schools to attend. Now the adults need the most support, and we hope to facilitate that. On Monday We Are Here and Drop in the Ocean held a community meeting on camp to inform, discuss and think about how people want to spend their time stuck behind the border. We had many great suggestions, as well as some very idealist ones (on-site swimming pool…)

But nothing is impossible and we aim to redirect the project towards people enjoying communal spaces, practicing their hobbies and interests and being creative and productive around camp with bigger ongoing projects. We have a huge multi-talented workforce and we can create some amazing things together! Days, weeks, months and for some, over a year, without an occupation and with so much frustration and uncertainty, can be as traumatising for them as the awful reasons they left their homelands. We want to bring people together, learn from each other and have fun!

In other news, Escosirak, our theatre group performed their new piece this week, well done to all involved – what a show! This project was about life in the camp before, and recent improvements. Everyone also gave a personal message to the new Nea Kavala residents, advising them to stay positive and make the most of their forced time in camp. We had a great turn out to the performance and hope people enjoyed the sentiment. Afterwards we had a world music dance party, learning different dancing styles from our new friends.

All of Escosirak is doing extremely well under some amazing direction. Paulina Tovo, creator and director, has achieved great work with the group as part of a bigger project called ‘Staging Humanity’. Watch this space for more soon! In the meantime, please watch the video, projected during Escosirak’s live performance last week. Remember to click on CC for English subtitles.

Thanks for your interest in We Are Here and everything we’re up to. It means so much to us to have support from so many people – friends, family and perfect strangers – all keen to help support refugees in one way or another. If you’d like to donate to help us keep up our work here, please go to Thank you!

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