Project update – Nea Kavala, 8th August


It has been another busy couple of weeks here at Nea Kavala! We have been working on lots of small projects and our ever-growing to-do list. Still, we are keeping up with our many lessons: popular as ever! In the Greek summer heat, our busiest classes are almost unbearably hot, which shows the student´s strong will to learn, and gives us the strength to sweat it out and keep going.

Our Conversation class has become a big hit, especially the weekly singing sessions! Learning a language through song is a great way to remember vocabulary and grammar structures, but more than that, is extremely fun. Today: opposites with Katie Perry, last week: adjectives with Robbie Williams! We look forward to more dulcet tones from the classroom next week and will give our ears a break till then.

We have been working on improving the outside areas around the Women´s Space and Community Centre. The Women´s Space is being repainted, and the next step is to paint beautiful motifs over the green and blue – we hope our artistic women are up for the challenge! Together with the youth from the camp we repainted the benches outside the Centre, and cut back the overgrowth in the area. We also had a lovely team-building session of painting a huge rainbow on the outside of the Centre under the We Are Here sign from the previous Centre. It is important for us to advertise our services regularly throughout the camp, because new people arrive every week. And a 3m rainbow can help with that too!

The Women´s Space is offering some new activities after the daily English lessons, with recent additions of poetry and pilates, both thoroughly enjoyed by the women. For the next few weeks, our Women´s Space team will trial some new activities before fixing a new weekly schedule, according to what they are most interested in.

This Satartday we were inspired by a recent visit from clowns to make our own juggling balls from rice and balloons. The juggling balls are perfect for little hands to spend hours practising hand-eye coordination, and some of the kids are well on their way to the circus, already juggling three at a time! The pre 5s made snake spirals from paper plates to hang up in the container. Anything involving googly eyes is very popular with our youngest!

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