Project update- Serres, 31st July 2017


Many very busy weeks have passed since we last gave an update on our English language classes with the Yazidis that we have continued to support since they left Nea Kavala camp back in August 2016. The community were returned to an upgraded Serres camp at the end of March after spending the winter in emergency hotel accommodation in a different town, having been evacuated from their tents in Serres in the minus degrees of December 2016. Continue reading “Project update- Serres, 31st July 2017”

Project update – Nea Kavala, 24th July 2017


We Are Here has had a busy couple of weeks, and is happy to offer more activities. As a Community Centre, we are always trying to involve people from different countries, different belief groups, different ages, different genders in our activities to create a camp community together. Simply offering classes to all adults or children in the camp does bring people together, but Continue reading “Project update – Nea Kavala, 24th July 2017”